Angophora LieocarpaSpinifex Country products are sourced from our 10,200 acre property “The Oaks” near Yetman in northern NSW. “The Oaks” is situated on a unique landform type that allows it to be home to Australia’s eastern most area of Spinifex, usually only found in the outback. It is also home to one of Australia’s hardest timbers, the Narrow-leafed Ironbark (Eucalyptus creba) and also to one of the World’s hardest timber – Bull Oak (Allocasuarina leuhmannii).

The property has been de-stocked and is operated as a government approved Private Native Forestry operation with particular emphasis on maintaining biodiversity. The operation includes 1000 acres of spinifex community that has been fenced for conservation and is subject to on-site audits by the NSW government. When each tree is harvested we make every effort to minimise any wastage or environmental impact. We manufacture charcoal, collect available seeds, and occasionally mill and make furniture from the timber, leaving the small branches and leaves to return nutrients back to the soil.


Our BBQ charcoal is hand made from the worlds hardest timber – Bulloak, Ironbark and Western Grey Box. It is produced using our environmentally friendly, high temperature, virtually smoke free process. The resulting charcoal is of the highest quality, is lighter and burns hot and slow. As it is hand made, quantities are limited, and available to the discerning charcoal users in 20ltr and 50ltr bags. Try it; see and taste the difference.

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Spinifex Country horticultural charcoal is made from a blend of Australian hardwoods – Bulloak, Western Grey Box, and Narrow Leafed Ironbark. Using our high temperature, environmentally friendly process, the charcoal will not break down for hundreds of years while retaining up to 120% of its weight in moisture.

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Biochar is produced by making charcoal at high temperatures and then grinding it into a powder. This creates a very stable carbon product which remains stable in the soil for hundreds of years. Biochar adsorbs up to one and a quarter times its weight in moisture and nutrients and provides a home for your soil microbes. It improves the soil texture and enhances plant growth.

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We are accredited in the collection, cleaning and storage of native seeds. A range of seeds are collected and sold with details of provenance. They are widely used for revegetation plantings where the plants must be capable of surviving harsh environments. They are not only ideal for nursery use but are also for direct sowing on mine sites, road/rail, NRM and local council projects. Direct seeding services can be arranged. Unusual seedlings are also occasionally – enquire for details of species.

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