Our activated carbon animal supplement has been developed in response to requests from graziers who experience scouring in cattle after changing from high roughage diets to irrigated pastures. When mixed with molasses the cattle readily eat it, scouring and wastage of fodder is significantly reduced and cattle gain weight. In fact one grazier, using live weight scales attests to a 3kg/day weight gain per animal when using our supplement.

Further advantages are that it absorbs toxins in the body, methane emissions from the stock are reduced and the carbon is eventually left in the paddock to increase soil carbon where it is sequestered for hundreds of years


Poultry benefit from better digestion and feed conversion as well as significantly reducing methane production and hence the smells involved with poultry manure.

Aviary birds not only eat charcoal to aid digestion, but also carry it away and store it in their nests.


It is well documented that most animals benefit from eating charcoal through absorbtion of toxins and better feed conversion, and the environment benefits from reduced methane emissions and carbon sequestration.