Biochar Neat

This is our Biochar ‘Neat’ product

Biochar is added to the soil allowing the soil to increase microbial activity and overall health of the soil. Biochar will hold up to 1.2 times its weight in water and will continue to absorb and release water and nutrients, and provide a home for the soil microbes for hundreds of years to come.

It’s a once in a lifetime application, all the while improving the soil conditions for growing healthier plants.

When initially applying biochar it will absorb water and nutrients and provide a haven for the soil microbes essential for plant health. These are stored for later release to the plants.

To overcome the initial absorption of nutrients by the biochar, either:

  • Apply fertiliser at the same time as applying Biochar Neat (raw biochar), or
  • Apply your blend of compost suited to your soil for an immediate boost of nutrients and microbes followed by the slow release of nutrients and build up of microbes as the compost decomposes over the next few years.

Our Biochar is produced with sensitivity to maintaining and improving the biodiversity on The Oaks. It is mainly produced using hardwood thinnings from the Private Native Forest operation in an almost smokeless and pollution free method.   The trees are harvested in a manner that complies with the NSW Private Native Forestry code of practice.

In addition to maintaining a high level of compliance with the Private Native Forestry code, we also practice our own extension of high requirements for a sustainable forestry operation.  We believe that increasing biodiversity is important to the overall health of our paddocks and the world and so practice over and above the code standards.