4 grades1Horticultural charcoal is supplied in four sizes: Biochar (Under 5mm), Fine (5-12mm diam), Course (12-25mm diam) and Large (over 25mm).

Biochar is used to mix with potting medium to increase water and nutrient holding capacity

Fine and Course are a long lasting horticultural substrate ideal as a growing medium for orchids & other epiphytic plants.

Course and Large is also used in the base of pots (instead of stones) to hold moisture and nutrients, enhance root growth and health and prevent potting mix escaping

PACK SIZES: 8ltr bags, 20ltr bags, 50ltr bags

We manufacture charcoal from a blend of some of our hardest Australian hardwoods, including Western Grey Box, Ironbark and the worlds hardest timber – Bull Oak. This blend will hold up to approx. 120% of its weight in water, and will not break down for hundreds of years.

Our horticultural charcoal is specifically made using a high temperature process so that it increases air filled porosity, adds potassium and limits the acidic effect of some other media such as Pine Bark.

Spinifex Country charcoal is produced in an environmentally friendly, almost smoke free manner. This method is used so that the noxious tars and gases which are created by conventional charcoal making methods are burnt and not released into the atmosphere. This labour intensive, high temperature technique results in a low volume but consistently high quality product – charcoal that we are proud to put our name on.

Whenever you use our Australian made charcoal you can feel satisfied that you are not supporting imported charcoal made from the large scale clearing of mangroves and other rainforest species of environmentally damaging practices.

Our charcoal is produced with sensitivity to maintaining and improving the biodiversity on The Oaks. It is produced using thinnings from the Private Native Forest operation in an almost smokeless and pollution free method. In addition to maintaining a high level of compliance with the Private Native Forestry code, we also practice our own extension of high requirements for a sustainable forestry operation.  We believe that increasing biodiversity is important to the overall health of our paddocks and the world and so practice over and above the code standards.

Increased root growth occurs when charcoal is added to your potting mix.